Ironam breather kits are designed to withstand any condition from snow, to the heat of the outback. They are engineered with an aluminium manifold with brass filters and high quality oil resistant reinforced hoses.  Designed to raise the height of your vehicles driveline components vents, they will help prevent water seeping into your driveline by providing raised filtered ventilation.

The twin manifold allows for multiple components to be connected at one time or double the kit up for extra components. 

Ironman 4x4's twin manifold breather kit, suitable for diff housings, transfer cases, gearboxes and winch motors

Kit contains:
1x Twin breather manifold with brass breathers and hose barbs
2x Brass barbs
1x 10m Oil resistant hose
4x Stainless steel hose clamps
2x Self drilling screws
Cable ties

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