Ironman 4×4 protection plates create a barrier between the underbody of your vehicle and the surface below. Their design allows them to integrate seemlessly into the underbody of your 4x4 and still be vented and allow water dispersion through carefully placed vents and holes.

Good design in underarmour can mean the difference between vehicle damage or over heating and a perfectly balanced 4x4 machine. You need to ensure you plates are not too heavy of rigid but can still withstand a heavy impact from obstacles such as rocks, logs or trees. 

By using the latest CAD & FEA analysis software, Ironman 4×4 have engineered a solution which protects vulnerable underbody components by safely absorbing impact energy from heavy contact with a solid object.

All our plates are made from 2.5mm pressed or 3mm folded steel construction. Pressed ribs and folded reinforcements provide significant strength without adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle.

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